Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gluten Free Surprises and Love

I had a lot due last week for graduate school so I didn't have much time to post anything, so sorry! What has been going on is fantastic though and I love my life. Recently Mike has taken up an interest in purchasing us things off Ebay and online, which ultimately is cheaper. It has resulted in a lot of interesting purchases, including a few that improve my gluten free quality of life! They have all been surprises to me and seeing how I've been feeling like I got inadvertently glutened and have not been friends with food the past few days it's nice to see he's trying to get me back on the right track I thought I would share!

Mesquite Meal from Barry Farms

Firstly, One thing we have been doing around the house to give ourselves some extra room and organization is transitioning everything into Pop Top Containers by OXO, Here's an Example. They are great because they come in so many different sizes and are easy to open for me with my Carpel Tunnel since you just click the top. We currently have one full of white rice which Mike and I attempt to keep a constant flux of cooked and in the fridge for quick meals. We want to also start storing bulk flour of some sort for cooking and baking. He searched online and found what I feel may be the Mecca of gluten free flours. Called Barry Farm the place sells a huge amount of products including over 30 flours, the majority of which are gluten free! They some unique, to me anyway, flours that I have never seen anywhere else such as Mesquite Flour/Meal. I posted the photo to the left, any ideas what someone could make with this?

As you can see their prices are also insanely cheap. Their catalog came in the mail yesterday and I have it in my mind to check them out and purchase something. I'll keep you posted and I highly recommend you consider them for your next purchase!

The other this which was a surprise gift was Shauna, Gluten Free Girl's, first book of the same name! I am SO excited to read it, although I haven't had the chance to get started yet because of school! GRR! I'll also be keeping an eye out about her most recent cookbook. I think she and I have remotely similar stories in that she is dating a Chef and I date a Bakery Manager. It's interesting the part that food can play in different peoples lives and how they interact with you.  I can't wait to cuddle up and get reading!

What kinds of gluten free surprises have you gotten lately? What did that mean to you? Please share!

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