Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thoughts on Vegetarianism and Celiacs

I have noticed over the past week that I have severely cut my intake of meat in the past few weeks. As I delve further into the gluten free diet and begin experimenting meat has become less desired and not as 'necessary'. The change for me has come about due to two things:

1. I have been cooking less. When going one it's very difficult to find meat that I can trust. Everything is either grilled on a shared grill, fried, breaded or seasoned in questionable sauce/ seasoning. It's a lot easier to choose the vegetarian option than change it.
2. I have had less time to cook and since meat takes some time to prepare it hasn't been happening. We also don't have much mean in the house since we haven't been cooking it.

This wasn't an intentional occurrence but it is valuable. When I last had blood work drawn my cholesterol was high. I was finding it difficult to kick the american habit of wanting meat with every meal until after starting the celiac diet and even then it seemed to happen without me being away. I am feeling a lot healthier and energetic since limiting it. I guess that makes me a 'flexitarian' since we need a title for everything!

It's interesting to think that so many people in America have CD and high cholesterol without being aware of it. One has to wonder if the two are related somehow, and even not if some portion of the diet related illnesses and death (obesity, etc. could be alieviated by screening for CD.

Has anyone else noticed a decrease in their meat intake after going on the GF Diet?

More to come!
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