Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gluten Free News Round-Up: June 26th-July 2nd

Happy Independence day to all of my readers in the United States and Canada Day to my Canadian readers! Here are this weeks top news headlines:

A review of Three Dogs Gluten-Free Bakery
Gluten Free seems to be the 'fad' in the New York Times lately. Here we see another article bringing to light a great gluten free bakery in NYC. Check it out if you're local.

A look at how we feel about our diet, and two new societies focusing on Celiac Disease Research
This article brings to light how unsatisfied with out diet most celiac disease and gluten intolerant individuals are and reflects on the need to increase research. The New Societies mentioned here are forming to further the research cause. While I wasn't able to find any websites, yet, for them I was able to come across this symposium that seems to be realated to the international cause:

Tips for Empowering Children Diagnosed with Celiac Disease
As a social worker, I am ALL about empowerment. Giving something the skills they need to solve their own problems and walk through life more easily is great, especially if you can give that gift to a child. This article is a perfect tool for any adult who encounters children with Celiac Disease (and it can definitely be modified for any other food allergy). LOVE IT!

Cataract surgery rate may be higher in those with Celiac Disease
This interesting study shows a higher rate of Cataract surgery in population of patients with Celiac Disease over those without, although the numbers are rather close. This is an interesting find however, what's the cause? Does an intake of different vitamins and antioxidants increase risk, is there a common risk factor or is it something else?

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