Friday, July 29, 2011

'New' Deep River Snacks Products

Awhile ago I posted about my new favorite vending machine snacks at work, the Deep River Snacks Chips. At work we now have an organic cafe, which unfortunately doesn't carry many gluten free options. However, they do carry Deep River Snacks Products and last week, I came across two 'new' products from their company that I just had to share with all my gluten free, and healthy, snack lovers out there.

Multigrain Tortilla Chips- Nacho Kick

As their website says this is a new line of Tortilla Chips that they have just added to their products that are made with no artificial flavors, just bold and natural ingredients. The Nacho Kick flavor was a true kick to the senses, resembling the flavor of a plain Tortilla chip dipped in salsa con queso. Oh the wonders of what you can do with powered ingredients! Delightfully cheesy and somewhat spicy I felt it was just a great fresh flavor to fill the gap after lunch in a work day. To top off the great flavor the texture was also idea,  it wasn't too dusty or crumbly! Honestly, no complaints here. The cafe also carries their guacamole flavor, one of 3 more flavors, which is in my radar for next weeks snacks!

Baked Fries- Jalapeno and Cheddar 

Also a newer product these baked fries are definitely unique low calorie snack, at only 100 calories per .75oz bag and 65% less fat then potato chips. They are flavorful and spicy mixed with a rich cheddar flavor. Although somewhat dry in texture they are a great snack, whose flavor would probably be great with a light salsa or other dip. I would highly recommend them as a 'diet' snack and will be trying the Mesquite flavor shortly as well!

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