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New England Road Trip: 2011 (Part One)

What to Pack for your gluten free travels and a Boston Restaurant Review

Mike and I went on a road trip in June to RhodeIsland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire for 6 days. The most tedious part of packing was figuring out what gluten free foods to bring so that we had something on hand at all times. I think we did well for our first long term gluten free trip. The important thing to remember is to bring stuff that is quick to assemble, tasty and filling. You also want stuff that will last for awhile if you are unable to come across ice. Of course we made sure to get hotel rooms with fridges when possible for extra cooling.

Here are some of our favorite goods that we took along:

Kettle Brand Chips (Sour Cream, Cheddar flavors)
Jalapeno String Cheese
Rice Cakes (White Cheddar, Chocolate and Apple Flavors)
Peanut butter
Vitamin Water
Regular Water
Crystal Light Mixes for bottles of water (hunger buster is the best suggestion)  
Mike's drinks of YooHoo & Root Beet

The vacation was fantastic, but we visited too many places and did too many things to share here. Instead, I am going to share a few of the GF restaurants we came across on our journey. We used The Gluten Free Registry for some reference. I hope you enjoy!


Mike and I wanted a relaxing meal with a good drink after a day of driving, Whale Watching and walking around Boston. Nebo was hard to find, being on a road that is split in half and not entirely straight. It was very up class and modern, something that makes me uncomfortable when I dine. Steel and uncomfortable seats are just not my thing. The restaurant was slow while we were there and the staff was mostly friendly.

They opened within the past ten years and have always been gluten free. The hostess explained that the owners had a friend with sever gluten free allergies and thus they wanted to accommodation people with that need. With a dedicated fryer, pans and utensils cross contamination was closely watched, and discussed, which is of course a relief. The greatest touch: Gluten Free REAL Beer... that's right. I finally got ot try Estrella Damm Daura Beer! This beer is processed in Europe in a way that leave the final product with less than 6ppm of gluten, far lower than the required amount to be safe for celiacs. It was simply... perfection!

The dishes were made to share, Italian Tapas Style. Mike and I ordered Sale Con Pepe (Chicken wings), Poltena Con Scampi, Salsicce e Rabe and Christoforo. All in all, the items were relatively bland in flavor as well as small and un-filling (especially fir the price). The flavors that did exist  in the Sale Con Pepe and the Salsicce e Rabe did not blend well, leaving you with rather confused taste buds. In addition, the chicken was under cooked while the pasta was under cooked. The Polenta Con Scampi and Christoforo Pizza saved the day with their great flavor and textures. I would eat both of those every day. One final unfortunate note: Mike and I had  moved the table over a bit because I was sitting on the very uncomfortable crack of the bench seat. After we had received our food, and it was still slow, the manager came over at one point and, without asking, moved the table mike and I were sitting at. She slid it over about a foot back to where it was and said they needed to be even, then promptly walked away. That is NOT how you treat your customer.

All in all: Would I go back? Yes, but probably only for the Christoforo and a beer...or to try something new.

Gluten Free Options: 1 
Atmosphere: .5
Price: .5
Hospitality: .5
Food Quality: .5 

TOTAL: 3 Shamrocks 

Next Reviews: Portland,ME;  Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts! Keep your eyes out!

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  1. Thanks for the packing advice! We're heading off on a road trip in August with our gluten free two year old, and I've been thinking about what to bring. We also made sure hotels had fridges and a microwave for easy food prep. Can't wait to read the rest of your reviews!



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