Saturday, October 1, 2011

Gluten Free News Round-Up: Sept. 25th-Oct 1st

Happy October Everyone! Here's this weeks vital news:

Deadline for FDA'S Gluten Free Labeling Proposal Comments is Monday Oct 3rd
I know most of you have likely already signed this but this is a great way to stand up for your community and help to make a difference. The above link is the 1in133's It's Big Deal's Comments for the proposal but you can also consider sending in your own at the FDAs website. See the above link for a list of the proposed changed and to sign onto the comments.

Florida State University's Football Quarter Back Diagnosed with Celiac Disease
After trying to gain weight for his football position but having no success Trickett visited his doctors and was confirmed to have Celiac Disease. This just goes to show have many symptoms exist for CD and the unique way our diagnoses come about. It's great to have another sportsman out there talking about the disease and spreading awareness!

Celiac Disease rates Higher now, but why?
I think this article raises more questions than answers, but it is an interesting question. In longitudinal studies as well as looks at blood samples from the past and present we see higher rates of CD antibodies. Why is this? Unfortunately no study exists but some reasons could be: Increased Sanitation and Public Health measures that decreases the bacteria we encounter, higher rates of gluten in altered grain products and children eating grain based foods earlier. All are interesting considerations and say a lot about our changing society. What do you think the cause of the rise in CD is?

Put Down That Antacid and Don't Reach for the Bread, it Could Save Your Life
With the rising use of Antacids use over an extended time studies are finding that nonrecoverable damage could be occuring to your body that could lead to cancers, increased infections, dementia and much more. This article says that instead of taking an Antacid, try cutting out gluten. With the prevalence of gluten issues this is indeed a possibility!

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