Saturday, February 25, 2012

Gluten Free News Round Up: February 13th-25th

School and wedding planning are in full swing, so I have had little time at the computer lately. Here is the gluten free new free news round up for the past two weeks.

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As more and more research is showing that the gluten free diet may not be beneficial for those not in need of following such a restriction, it seems we are also seeing a pattern of athletes taking on the diet in the name of improving their game. It seems that Wie does not have a reason to be taking this diet, so what are your feelings about her move? I feel it can be both beneficial and hurtful to the gluten free community, as it will shed more light on the diet itself yet potentially portray it as a fad diet. It is up to us to make sure we make people understand when following the diet is important, and that it is more than just a fad.

Recently considered a childhood condition, research is finding that the rates of Celiac Disease are increasing in the elderly population and diagnosis is not just something for the younger generations. While this research gives us a clear picture that CD is a condition that encompasses the entire life span, we may account for the increased in diagnosis by taking into consideration improved preventative care and diagnosis of the condition itself over the past few years. It is not likely that the rate itself is increasing but rather the screenings. One other key factor this article discusses is the abnormal or non existent symptom pattern found in the elderly population diagnosed with CD. This is another reason why the USA needs to jump on the bandwagon of increased screenings! Not everyone displays symptoms, and there is no normal pattern to look for!

Not so related to Celaic Disease, this article offers 10 simple, and delicious, ways to spice up your popcorn for the Oscars this Sunday. All of the suggestions here can be likely modified to be made with gluten free spices and ingredients, or are naturally gluten free to begin with. My favorite way to eat home made popcorn? With Cumin, Coriander, and curry powder. I know it is odd but it is delicious!

I love the style of writing on NPR. This article discusses baking gluten free with a straight forward and simple flair, explaining the difficulties and ease that can come about while doing so. The article also includes a few recipes. One comment I do have about these recipes is that, as some of the comments on the article says, they are packed with sugars and fats. Not unlike cooking and eating non-gluten free, we often confront this issue with many gluten free products. I feel sometimes however, that there may be more unhealthy ingredients in the gluten free alternatives. As always, it i important to eat in moderation. 

FAAN researchers are seeking to view Anaphylaxis at the gene level in a new study described in this article. Genome research will hopefully assist in better understanding who is at risk for Anaphylaxis, and identifying the mechanisms behind a reaction. 

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